Established in late 2016, the company derives its strengths from  its staff, advisors and consultants who have extensive experience of designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluation of development programs in the following areas:

  • Community Development and Social Services;
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene;
  • Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Programs;
  • Disaster Risk Management & Climate Change
  • Governance and Human Rights

Policy and Strategy Development

A policy development process is undertaken before program implementation. AWF Pvt Ltd underpins policy formulation as it enables the clients to evaluate possible options and then select those that are best suited for a particular program. For clients, it is also important to develop policies that allow enough flexibility for future changes that may be needed. AWF Pvt Ltd considers policy development is key to clarify the expectations, safeguarding the interests and bringing a consistency and credibility with possibilities of scalability and replication.  Whether the objective is to develop a short-term action plan or a long-term strategic plan to turn policies into actions, AWF Pvt Ltd will partner to customize the best approach.  By understanding key components of the work environment (i.e., strategic intent, resources, processes, organization design, and culture) we can focus on how to achieve improved results and effective service delivery. Our team at AWF take pride in our ability to form both likely and unlikely strategic partnerships from the development sector organizations, private sector businesses, community and local and provincial government agencies.

Organizational Performance/ Capacity Assessment

The performance is generally view in terms of  “effectiveness” in achieving organizational mission, purpose or goals. AWF Pvt Ltd tends to link the larger notion of organizational performance to the results of the particular programs. At the same time, AWF seeks their performance in terms of “efficiency” in deploying resources. This relates to the optimal use of resources to obtain the results desired. Finally, in order to remain viable over time, AWF assess that interventions must be both “financially viable” and “relevant” to its stakeholders and their changing needs.  Effective programme delivery is driven, in part, by organizational capacity, which AWF Pvt understand as existing in seven basic areas: strategic leadership, human resources, financial resources, infrastructure, programming and process management, and inter-institutional linkages. Each of these seven capacity areas may be described in sub-components, as for example in the organization’s strategic leadership capacity that is understood as its structure, governance, and leadership, strategic plans and niche management. For AWF, Human resources, financial resources and infrastructure are seen as resources as well as the management of these resources. AWF harness the capacities that result from the relations, partnerships and alliances they have established with other organization referred to as inter-institutional linkages.

Programme Design and Implementation

At AWF, we believe in designing programs based on informed decisions arrived through extensive stakeholders’ participation, incorporation of past learning, specific needs’ based and cost effective interventions that capitalize on emerging opportunities to achieve sustainability and scale. We cherish our team’s capabilities to use sophisticated and innovative tools in: analysing existing problems and emerging trends; identifying and implementing innovative solutions; and tracking the progress of our work as we move along the path while having flexibility in adapting with external environment for transforming systems and institutions to provide best possible solutions to the targeted communities (in the country).The absence of a scientific, result-oriented project management discipline is often the root cause of all implementation failures. AWF (Pvt) Ltd provides all-inclusive project management solutions, from conception through implementation, to project closure. Our solutions are derived from methodologies and techniques aligned to international best practices. A well-qualified team under the auspices of AWF Pvt Ltd is fully committed to extend its services to the clients across different technical areas.

Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation

Good governance is fundamentally linked to well-designed, results-based monitoring, learning and evaluation systems. We thrive to assist implementers and donors in achieving greater level of effectiveness for maximum impact from their investments with increased transparency & accountability for results and better knowledge management. Our expertise lies in a wide array of monitoring, learning and evaluation services such as baseline surveys, needs assessments, performance evaluations (for both process and outcomes), and impact evaluations based on qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods approaches. We truly believe our solutions; based on global best practices, work commendably and efficiently in local context. AWF (Pvt) Ltd facilitates in providing cost-effective monitoring and evaluation capacity building services to its clients through customized and tailor-made training solutions in designing and assessment of monitoring frames and performance management plans. Our strength lies in our ability to combine diverse expertise, research and data analytics-based insights. Our teams’ knowledge of the science of data and use of latest technologies gives us the strength in developing actionable insights. We use these skills to arrive astute advice that guarantees concrete and sustainable results.

Capacity Development

Core to our mission is increasing the knowledge and expertise of individuals, institutions, and communities. We are already engaged in rigorous implementation of skills development and leadership programs under the thematic areas where our clients endeavoured to empower local and targeted communities. We have developed expertise in a diverse suite of training and development methodologies for adult learning. These include experiential and interactive methods such as group work, case studies, mapping exercises, brainstorming, role-play, demonstrations etc.