Programme Design and Implementation

At AWF, we believe in designing programs based on informed decisions arrived through extensive stakeholders’ participation, incorporation of past learning, specific needs’ based and cost effective interventions that capitalize on emerging opportunities to achieve sustainability and scale. We cherish our team’s capabilities to use sophisticated and innovative tools in: analysing existing problems and emerging trends; identifying and implementing innovative solutions; and tracking the progress of our work as we move along the path while having flexibility in adapting with external environment for transforming systems and institutions to provide best possible solutions to the targeted communities (in the country).The absence of a scientific, result-oriented project management discipline is often the root cause of all implementation failures. AWF (Pvt) Ltd provides all-inclusive project management solutions, from conception through implementation, to project closure. Our solutions are derived from methodologies and techniques aligned to international best practices. A well-qualified team under the auspices of AWF Pvt Ltd is fully committed to extend its services to the clients across different technical areas.