About Us


AWF (Assessment with Facilitation) Private Limited is a leading consulting firm registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). “AWF” is Arabic name which means fragrance and guest. The name AWF comes from one of the most respected companions of the Holy Prophet (MPBH), Hazrat Abd al-Rahman ibn ‘Awf (RAH), who pioneered supply/value chain in business management underpinning the principles of equity, inclusion and diversity at the state of Medina and is considered as one of the most successful businessmen that Muslim Ummah has ever known.

  • Conduction of appropriate due diligence for rationalized options at concept/design stage of the project cycle and partnership developments
  • Facilitation of the partners to review, revisit and reform the programs through participatory appraisals.
  • Assessment for value addition leading towards organizational efficiency and effectiveness in achieving its intended objectives.
  • Include learning and evidence as an integral component of the project execution and program strategies.

A recognized learning hub and the “go-to” consulting firm for value creation in service delivery


Facilitate our clients in scaling their choices through synergetic assessments

Geographical Focus

AWF is an Islamabad based Company having its projects, activities and clients spread across the boundaries of all the four Provinces of the country i.e. Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and KPK.

Our Projects

2017- 2020
Programme Management Support to Women Economic Empowerment Project and Entrepreneurship for youth in Pakistan
( Programme Implementation )
Long Term Agreement – Consultancy for Enabling Environment for WASH Sector.
(Capacity Assessment/ Development )
2019 -20
Informal Survey for Health Safety and Occupational Analysis
( Monitoring and Evaluating )
2019 -20
Data Collection for Client Exit Interviews for the Family Planning Association of Pakistan
( Learning and Data Collection )
2019 -20
Feasability Study for strengthening eye care in district Rahim Yar Khan
(Monitoring and Evaluating )
2019 -20
Capacity Development for Rolling Out Clean Green Pakistan Index and Clean Green Champion Program
( Learning and Data Collection )

Projects Completed

Developed Clean Green Pakistan Index
( Monitoring and Evaluation )

School Profiling for Trachoma Control in five districts
( Monitoring and Evaluation )

MICS 2018 Secondary Data Analysis for WASH Index
( Learning, Evaluation and Advocacy )

Sanitation Marketing Consultation in Pakistan
( Advocacy )

Joint Sector Review Gilgit Baltistan
( Policy and Strategy Development )

Project Implementation of Ending Gender-Based Violence in KP and Sindh
( Project Management )

End Project Evaluation of Child Rights Programme in Cotton Growing Areas of Pakistan
( Learning and Evaluation )

National & Sindh Joint Sector Reviews (2018/ 2019)

Development of National Master Plan
( Policy and Strategy Development )

Performance Evaluation and Rationalization of Technical Staff of Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) Punjab
( Capacity Assessment )

Pakistan Country Paper for South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN) 2018- Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) Pakistan
( Performance Assessment )

Baseline Study of Civil Society Organization Award under SIDA in Sindh and Punjab Pakistan
( Monitoring & Evaluation )

Summary Report of Mid Term Review of Improving Lives of Children in Cotton Growing Districts of Pakistan
( Learning & Evaluation )

Learning Review of Costing Sharing Component Orangi Pilot Project Karachi Pakistan
( Learning and Evaluation )

Joint Sector Review for WASH in Punjab
( Capacity Assessment/ Development )

WASH Budget and Expenditure Analysis Pakistan
( Learning )

Joint Sector Review for WASH in Sindh
( Capacity Assessment/Development )

Joint Sector Review for WASH in KP
( Capacity Assessment/ Development )

Joint Sector Review for WASH in Balochistan
( Capacity Assessment/ Development )

End Project Evaluation of Pakistan Civil Society WASH Project in four districts of Punjab
( Learning and Evaluation )

Review and Alignment of Punjab Drinking Water and Punjab Sanitation Policies with SDGs
( Policy/ Strategy Development )

Baseline Survey for Stop Diarrhea Initiative in four Districts of Punjab
( Monitoring & Evaluation )

Company Profile 18 Mid Term Review of Community Based Rehabilitation in Rawalpindi
( Evaluation )

WASH Country Paper for Pakistan at HLM Meeting2017-
( Policy/ Strategy )

Policy Brief Paper for Safely Managed Water and Sanitation Services in Punjab
( Policy and Learning )

Situation Analysis of Face Washing and Hygiene Component for Trachoma Control in Pakistan
( Monitoring & Evaluation )

Disability Capacity Analysis of Pakistan
( Monitoring & Evaluation )

Due Diligence and Programme Development for Livelihood, Education and Child Rights
( Programme Organizational Assessment )

Capacity Assessment of Water, Sanitation andHygiene Cell at Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) with proposal development PC-1 for creation of a unit at MoCC
( Capacity Development )