While coaching, the client is supported by a coach to find their ideas for the company’s further development; in consulting, the consultant gives clear recommendations for action. This recommendation is part of the company’s consulting process, which consists of analysis, planning, including implementation and control.

To do this, the consulting company will first carry out an analysis of the current situation and examine the weak points. Therefore, the typical tasks also include the collection of data and the corresponding analysis of the processes.
Subsequently, strategies and measures are developed so that the company’s problems can be solved. As early as the planning phase, errors in essential projects can be avoided and possible risks identified.

In the last step, the solution approaches are presented to those responsible for the company. Often there is also support during the implementation of the measures and a subsequent follow-up check.

The consulting concept consists of:
We are consulting philosophy
The behavior patterns, values ​​, and goals of the client’s consulting philosophy.
Consulting service The range of services is also defined by the size of the customer, the industry, the consulting focus, and the degree of specialization.
Advisory strategy
The strategy of counseling, which consists of the counseling style and the counseling method. That means the used instruments or the applied form for the consulting service and the communication and dealing with the customer.

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