AWF (Pvt) Ltd.

AWF (Assessment with Facilitation) Private Limited is a leading consulting firm registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). “AWF” is Arabic name which means fragrance and guest. The name AWF comes from one of the most respected companions of the Holy Prophet (MPBH), Hazrat Abd al-Rahman ibn ‘Awf (RAH), who pioneered supply/value chain in business management underpinning the principles of equity, inclusion and diversity at the state of Medina and is considered as one of the most successful businessmen that Muslim Ummah has ever known


Facilitate our clients in scaling their choices through synergistic assessments


A recognized learning hub and the “go-to” consulting firm for value creation

Policy and Strategy Development

A policy development process is undertaken before program implementation. AWF Pvt Ltd underpins policy formulation as it enables.

Organizational Performance Assessment

The performance is generally view in terms of  “effectiveness” in achieving organizational mission, purpose or goals. AWF Pvt Ltd

Programme Design and Implementation

At AWF, we believe in designing programs based on informed decisions arrived through extensive stakeholders’ participation

Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation

Good governance is fundamentally linked to well-designed, results-based monitoring, learning and evaluation systems.

Capacity Development

Core to our mission is increasing the knowledge and expertise of individuals, institutions, and communities. We are already engaged

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